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HP SIM: Solving problems after password change: Insight Manager stopped working

The problem

When you change password which is used by HP Insight Manager services, then you suddenly cannot access management page.
Then you see application window like below or similar, but web browser management windows not appears anymore.



HP Insight Manager application runs as java jboss script. You've just changed Windows password, but application settings were unchanged.


I spent some time to resolve the problem, but it was worth doing so.

There is a great article about this issue on HP www site but it's not complete and didn't resolve my problem. Here it is the link:

HP Systems Insight Manager - How to Change Service Account

Article says about changing only the HP Insight Manager Service account. What about other services which are dependent?


Ok, let's fix it.

First you have to answer yourself what changes you were made, i.e. have you changed only user password which is used for running service/services?

If yes, solution could be simple:

1.Run CMD

2.Enter mxpassword -g

3.In the window select modify the MxDBUserPassword and enter new password.

4.Restart HP Systems Inside Manager service

If you've changed the account on which services works, then you have more to do.Link from HP side that I'm provided earlier is good for the start.But it could be not enough to resolve this problem.

I propose you then to follow this steps:

1. Check following services, if they run (logon) as the same account:

OpenSSH, HP Systems Insight Manager, SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS)

If yes, you should try to restart it and check if the logon error appears.

If errors appears, you need to reenter password in the service logon in service properties page.

2. Run SQL Management Studio and connect to the HP database. If you did not installed it on the HP mananagement server you can connect to it remotely.

3. Check if the user is in the user list in the Security\Logins

If not, add it here.


4. Check user rights - it should have sysadmin and dbcreator rights.


5. Go to the folder:
C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\config

6. Edit following files as described in the HP link: 
HP Systems Insight Manager - How to Change Service Account
  • Database.admin
  • database.props
  • databaseadminupd.tlp
  • databaseupdate.tpl
  • globalsettings.props
  • globalsettings.udp
You should search for your account in all of the files in variable hp.database.username

If your account differs from that it should be - then you need to change it in the format domain\\username

7. If you've changed account from domain to local or local to domain, you need to go to the C:\Program Files\HP\System Insight Manager\jobs\hpsim\deploy and edit the file

In the line connection-url, you should use DOMAIN://SERVERNAME:1433 and in the domain=DOMAIN again.
In my case the first domain entry was empty as you see on the screen
8. Run task manager on the server which have HP Systems Insight Manager.
Close process tree of the following processes:
  • cpqsrhmo.exe
  • mxdomainmgr.exe
  • mxdtf.exe
  • mxinventory.exe
9.Run mxinitconfig -a in CMD and wait it completes working
You should see something like this:

 At the end you could have Completed or Error status.

If you see an error:
1.Try to restart HP Insight Manager service and run mxinitconfig -a again.

2.If you have MxDBUserPassword empty error, use this command from CMD:

mxpassword -a MxDBUserPassword=password
to add the password

3.Run mxinitconfig -a
4. Restart HP Insight Manager service