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Teams - Cannot add room to the meeting

When you are trying to add a room to your Teams meeting using Teams application, you get an error saying that no rooms are available. However, in the Outlook all seems to be OK. Solution is simple - you need to add a room list which consist of your room/rooms New-DistributionGroup " ENTER YOUR ROOM LIST NAME LIKE BUILDING OR OFFICE HERE ” -Roomlist Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity " PREVIOUSLY CHOSEN ROOM LIST NAME " -Member " YOUR ACTUAL ROOM NAME GOES HERE "

Sharepoint Online: Cannot upload custom document template for

When you have created a Sharepoint site using new Sharepoint Online admin center, then you can see access deny when you need to upload new content type template for custom documents to the documents library. New view: It's because scripting on the new, created site is turned off. You need to: 1.Turn on scripting on the root Sharepoint settings: 2. Execute from the Powershell to turn on scripting for the new site: Connect-SPOService Set-SPOsite -DenyAddAndCustomizePages 0