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Office365: MRSProxy.svc issue - update

Some time ago I wrote a post about MRSProxy.svc problems: I have not got into account migration endpoint settings. When this issue appeared again and I cannot move mailboxes to the Office365 at all, then I have checked endpoint settings. It seemed that the password used for migration endpoint has been changed by other administrator and was not refreshed in Office 365 panel. After entering password again, I can again move mailboxes! To change migration endpoint password, go to: Exchange administrative panel, users, migration. On the right, low corner, check migration endpoint , click Details Change password for administrator or enter new admin credentials.

Office365: Cannot remove custom domain

When you need to remove one of your custom domains from Office 365 you can find that you cannot do this. One of possible issues with this is when you are working in hybrid environment and if you have DirSync working which synchronizes your AD to the Microsoft cloud. This is one of undocumented behaviors of Office 365, that you cannot remove domains, i.e. not all of them, cause I have just done this without problems with some, but still cannot do this with others. When I have searched for resolution on Office365 Community and other Google sites and blogs, I found nothing than " Before you remove a domain name from Office 365, you have to remove anything that is using the domain name ": Fortunately, if you are working in hybrid environment, the shorter path exists. First login to your Office 365 tenancy from powershell: Connect-MSolService Run: Get-MsolUser -DomainName If