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Office365: I can't see MDM management in my subscription yet. Trial E3 subscription most affected.

I was able to switch on management of Office365 MDM functionality in my production environment - mobile option was in place, but in the trial subscription, where I wanted to check the things out before deploying in production - option was not visible. How to turn on Office365 MDM in my subscription? In Office365 administration panel there is an option regarding updates. Because Microsoft now rolls out this feature is not deployed everywhere. If you want to see this option on your side, you need to change update settings from "Standard Release" to "First Release" In the user' license tab you can find that MDM option is not active yet And in the Office365 option you cannot find 'Mobile' section Youi should go to "Updates" section And change it from "Standard Release" to "First Release" And after a while you should see 'Mobile Devices" section

Cannot start HP Event Notifier service

When this service works, then it's OK, it rather not hangs itself. But sometimes, after servers patching and restarts it can just not want to start. If you have monitoring solutions configured with use of HP Event Notifier then it can be important to track actual problem quickly. From my experience problems with this service can be connected with two things: wrong installation folder - which is not consistent with service settings and SMTP connection failure. So, check first, if when starting from cmd you will see some error information which could narrow the problem, and second : check connectivity with SMTP server from the server that cannot start CIMNotify service. Maybe SMTP service on another server not responds or network guys block you SMTP port?